About the restaurant

About the restaurant

Restaurant Pecina is located on the road Belgrade – South Adriatic. 2,5km from the main road between Požega and Uzice. The restaurant is located in a unique location next to Potpećka cave, which due to its proximity forms a micro climate that positively influences the stay of guests with us.

Within the restaurant there is a trout pond where the trout is grown which is technologically prepared for our needs. The restaurant menu is unique in its contents and all the intentions are strictly controlled and purchased from the best manufacturers.


  • Belgrade: 180km
  • Novi Sad: 265km
  • Zlatibor: 35km
  • Budva: 340km &
  • Kragujevac: 100km
  • Tara: 63km
  • Uzice: 14km


  • Micro climate of the cave
  • Untouched nature
  • Potpec caves, one of the largest in Serbia
  • Tartrate pond
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    Address: Potpece bb, 31205 Sevojno, Serbia
    Telephone: 031 / 546 – 737
    eMail: info@restoranpecina.com